The word Corazones means hearts, but carries a lot of more meaning, it has rhythm, like the cumbia beat, it also has fire, like every heart in Latin América. One Corazón is a whole world that can produce magic, hope, joy, sabrosura, is where the welcoming vibe comes from and where every idea of Tauta is produced.


María Claudia

The anfitriona of this home, the hostess of this casa, the beautiful matrona, the one who is responsible of you feeling welcome in here, she built this casa with effort and love so you could feel safe, loved, understood and specially you could feel Latin, no matter where you are from, she insists in that being Latin, being Colombian, is not a paper or a stamp on your passport, it is an attitude, it is the joy you expand from your heart, the música that sounds around your life, the things that make up your own home, the way you walk, the way you wear what you wear, being Latin is a way of living: The TAUTA Way of Vida.

Our heart is indigenous, the love that gives life to Tauta comes from our beautiful communities along Colombia, every corner in our country has a pair of eyes watching over traditions and ancestral knowledge, leading a group of beautiful artisans that make come true every wonder you see in this page, also a pair of hands at least. Every corner of Colombia has one of our native leaders pumping life to this embodied beautfiul project we call TAUTA



She is a strong fifty year old woman, mother of two girls, that loves to weave, it is not only her big passion but also her duty as member of the Kamsá community. Through the years she has protected the knowledge that she inherited from her grandmothers and also has cultivated other type of wisdoms that come with being part of such a wonderful human group. She has a peaceful and easygoing personality, which has been one of the main features in the moment of co-create with Tauta, she is receptive to new ideas and manages the perfect balance between new and acenstral tradition.



A master craftsman. Family man, hard-working, responsible, with beautiful craftsmanship. He lives in Barranquilla, in the north of Colombia, right next to the Caribbean Sea. During the 5 years that he has worked with Tauta he has never been seen standing still, without working, he loves to work, he is the typical man who holds his home on his shoulders with strength and constancy. His workshop is a magical place where unique pieces of wood are born, with colors inspired by the joy of the Caribbean and recreating any crazy idea that the Tauta team transmits to him. Your favorite word might be "yes."



It is a great group of strong, talented and united women. There are at least 250 of them, all around preserving traditions and putting love to the pieces that you can enjoy today. They are located in the south of Colombia, in Nariño, in the middle of the Andean mountains. Its leader is called Juanita, that's where the name of the community comes from. They are women who have been physically, verbally or emotionally abused, and they find a catharsis through weaving and carrying out their crafts. Their art makes them strong and helps them heal.



William is a strong man, with an agile mind, with a futuristic vision despite being a guardian of his indigenous traditions. He is the leader of the Embera Chamí community, from the Colombian Pacific, but also settled in Risaralda, a little further to the center of the country. He has only one child, and he has decided not to have more because, unlike his peers, he believes that a fair measure must be found between procreating and having the creative space to express himself. Always open to experimentation and creating new art based on respect for the ancestral codes of its artisan techniques.

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